The makings of lemonade

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Alot of what happens in life is really sucky!! Lemons are thrown at us and our expected response is to make lemonade right? How on earth do we do that when life has dealt us a really bad hand? Hmm just how? These lemons could be the loss of someone dear, a depressing work situation, a painful break up (ahem) , social demands, money or health issues,(insert your woes here haha). I was going through a couple of personal issues recently and fell into the trap of letting those trying issues control my attitude and outlook on life. Everything just seemed so jaded, so black, white and dullishly grey. It is so easy to say joy is a choice but when the odds are stacked against you trust those words don’t mean a thing…

SADNESSThe scary thing is seemingly thin line between that whirlwind of confusion, uncontrollable emotions, despair rolled…

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