12 Simple Ways I Try To Be A Little Bit Braver Every Day

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

– Anais Nin

Thought Catalog


I used to not be a very brave person. I grew up a quiet, sensitive child with a passionate heart but without the confidence to live out the adventurous life I daydreamed about regularly.

Over time with experience and age this changed. I went from being a shy kid who had a hard time standing up for herself to speaking my mind and going for the life she never thought she could have. Even though I’ve come a long way since the days I used to let my insecurities guide my life, I still have my moments where I doubt myself. Bravery is all about finding the things that scare the shit out of you and doing them anyway, so knowing fear is what stops me from getting what I want I try to relish in it, instead of run from it. Here’s what I do a little bit every…

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