Why You’ll Never Be Able To Fix Him

I think people need to be alone in order to find themselves. We need to nurture and nourish the relationship with ourselves before we can ever be fully giving and receptive to a relationship with anyone else. And often we put off being alone for fear of being lonely, but all we do in that sense is put back our growth because we put off our solitary journey. But anything we put off now, we must attend to later. We must walk alone before we can walk together. And who can we fix or find truly but ourselves?

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It’s such a romantic notion, isn’t it? The idea that someone is lost in a downward spiral, and that your love is the only thing that’s strong enough to pull them out of it. It’s a little self-indulgent too. A little self-involved. A little dramatic. But sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

Everything is an extreme these days. Work, finances, social outings, proposals, reunions, friendships, purchases, homes, holidays. And so naturally, we sometimes believe our love lives should be that way too. There should be a story behind our relationship with our significant other. The meet cute. The fights. The proclamations of love. The climax (I’m talking literary climax, come on hooligans). The resolution, in which everybody lives happily ever after.

We love the idea of being part of someone’s story – the good part. We like being part of a story that has importance, drama, twists and turns, happenings that keep…

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5 thoughts on “Why You’ll Never Be Able To Fix Him

  1. Carlene Richards says:

    This is really good advice. I experienced this first hand after a break-up with someone that I was on a 10 year relationship with. I found myself spiraling as you call it, and it took me to really dark place. So dark that I lashed out on anyone in a nearby radius of me. I had to go this journey alone to truly find myself again, to remember the important values I had instilled in myself and most importantly how to heal and love myself again, so that one day I can love someone else when the right guys comes along.

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