To the man that I marry

I am a woman of gentle strength and I am going to love you. My exterior isn’t flashy; it is strong and sound but what is beneath it, is even better. I am not forceful. I guide more than I lead. I believe that anything forced, only fits for a time. And that the decisions and choices which you realize on your own, will be the ones that last for you. I will challenge your bad and encourage your good and somedays just for the heck of it, I’ll even challenge your good too. I endeavor to keep you going and always on your toes. My way will not be the only way, I want you to challenge me too. I want to fight with you about the silly things and the serious and I’ll listen, not to give you advice, but just so that you have someone to talk to.

Our compatibility is such that we are alike and yet different, two opposites of one same. I don’t want you to need me; I just want you to want me so much that all you see is me. Let’s make plans and give of ourselves to each other. I’m a dreamer and I’ll need you to keep me grounded. I don’t care where we live, I just want to live with you. I’ll see you sick, broke, angry and hopefully grey and I’ll love you. You’ll be my best friend, my partner, my travel buddy and the man that I come home to. Cherish my soul and adore my body and I will have your babies.

Fight for me even when you think it can’t be done. Honour me with honesty and regard our relationship with respect. The only things we will never fix are the times we didn’t try. I’m going to need you to love yourself, because only then can you ever love me. I’m going to need you to know yourself because only then can you ever know me. I won’t care what I wear to our wedding, as long as you’re standing at the end of that aisle waiting for me. And never let me go, because you’ll be more than the man that I marry, you’ll be the man that I give forever to.

x. G


7 thoughts on “To the man that I marry

  1. knyan says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and poetic! I loved the end because I can visualize you walking towards him, everything and everyone is a blur and it’s just him the one who you will give your “forever to”. I’m so glad to have read this today! 🙂


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