Rolling Fancies


Roller skating taught me a few truths and they are as follows.


First, I learned that it is easier to roll backwards than it is to go forward.

Secondly, that as careful as you are, you will fall – you will fall hard –  and you won’t always land on your butt.


And then finally and perhaps most of all, that I don’t need to be careful, I’ll learn more by just letting go and rolling out there because as much as it hurts to fall, it hurts incredibly more to stay down.

Every thing that lives, moves.

x G.


4 thoughts on “Rolling Fancies

  1. Tessa says:

    I was a long time skater and speed skater and lost my balance and smashed my head into the floor. Had to go to the dr to rule out a concussion. After that I was afraid to skate anymore.


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