Homeward Bound

When we think of adventure it is quite often the sort which takes us away from home. Thus, to find myself adventuring on my way home needless to say, has thrown me for a loop. As, I finished this thought however, I am reminded of a childhood favourite called “Homeward Bound”, starring Sassy, Chance and Shadow, a lovable trio of pets that battle the odds to find their way home..twice! There’s a sequel. Lol But I digress.

The Philadelphia International Airport is currently my new home (temporarily?) and in true fashion I have made it my own. Yes, this does mean that I am about to strip down and walk around naked. Because, really what can they expect when they pull a good citizen like myself from a flight with neither rhyme, reason nor explanation? Apparently, the woefully incompetent people who need better training and benefits refunded my ticket but never issued me a new one. And the woeful incompetence continued when I was allowed to check in for a flight for which I actually didn’t have a ticket.

So, after an hour and a half on the phone, (and if I even hear the atrocity they call background music in my sleep, I’ll be furious) I have a new ticket and nearly all has been sorted. I sort of feel like Tom Hanks in that movie he did with a bad accent (which one right?). Perhaps, I am even one of the trio on a journey home. I know though that God doesn’t give me more than I can bear. Also, I’ll be in a recuperative coma for the next coming days but… I’ll be home. And isn’t that the point after all?

x. G


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