The Never-Ending Adventure

It’s not what you do, but how it is done. We are taught that nothing good comes easy, that struggle is equivalent to worth. And often the things we struggle with amount to nothing, not because we didn’t try enough but perhaps simply because those things were not meant to be. Life has no clear set of rules. What works now, may not work later. The same measures can be applied in different cases and then shockingly, different measures are needed for the same thing. All we can do is adapt, evolve and grow.

Maybe you don’t end up where you wanted to go, but even to get to the wrong place, is guidance in itself for the right direction. Because truth be told, there is no destination. There is no ending up. Anywhere we are, anywhere we arrive, is never where we stay. The happily ever after doesn’t exist, after The End is another beginning and the destination we seek is just the journey revealing itself over and over again.

There is paradise, then there is hell and then there is paradise again. You do the math. But in both states there’s a lesson for each. The hardest thing however isn’t being in hell and hoping for paradise, nor is it being in paradise and despairing of hell. The hardest thing will be to not know in which state we currently are.



20151001_132529-01 20151001_124358-01


And so… Where are you?

x. G


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