The Joy Of Weeping

One other thing I am happy I learned was the power of faith. 

So much of life is unseen, so much is unknown and in every second we have breath we try our best to see and to know. And yet, it is impossible.

Faith has saved my life more times than even I will ever know. Things are always so uncertain, that even the certain things surprise you and change. People you just spoke to, die without ever sharing another word and your job that provides your income says sorry, not sorry, you’re terminated. The hopes and dreams, you dared to hope and dream go belly up and you’re left with the heavy weight of intangible things.

Faith according to Hebrews is, “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen” and I wondered what that meant. Of course, the Bible being the bible is subject to interpretation, but for myself, that passage seemed to define the makings of faith; what you hope for without the certainty of it being real. It also provides a comfort that even in our despair, things can be different. And I say different and not better because even pain I think is necessary and not just joy. 

For a high percentage of people, they will see without ever being blind. But I do not think that they will ever appreciate their sight without if not suffering blindness themselves, then suffering the blindness of another. We can laugh without pain. But our laughter is made richer because we know what it is like to cry.  And we cry harder because once we knew how to laugh. 

We often hear of the duality of life, sun and moon, earth and sky, love and hate, joy and sorrow, rich and poor. And so too, do we often choose one to be favoured above the other. But what if life isn’t either or? What if life is both and they’re all just opposites of the same? Because really.. what is just one, without the other? 

Faith tells me that they’re all needed. It tells me that we are in the midst of both all at the same time, and that even when we cannot see the sun, it’s still there just waiting for it’s chance to come back around.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning says the Psalmist. All I have is faith that he’ll be right. 

x. G


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