What it’s like to date a girl who writes

This is the absolute truth.

Confessions of a 20-something

To date a girl who writes is often no easy feat. They are aware of their character flaws and they are constantly trying to see the end of the story. But dating a girl who writes means that you will date a girl who feels, and who loves.

  1. She will be insecure. Her work will never be good enough. She may feel like it is a reflection of herself. She reads her own work and still finds the flaws in them; still feels like she could have had a stronger ending, or better metaphors, etc.
  2. Text messages are mini manifestos. There is not a comma that is out of place. Auto-correct is incorrect more times than not. Emojiis are used sparingly and only to clarify her tone. Pay attention to her punctuation. “I love you.” and “I love you!” mean two different things in her mind.
  3. She will over-analyze every…

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