Why We Do Not Wander Alone

There’s a lot to be said for traveling alone, it forces you out of your comfort zone and indelibly individualizes your character. However, social media exists as it does because as humans we are moved to share. And when you do not travel alone but with a companion, therein is your best opportunity for sharing an experience wholeheartedly.

To be frank it is easier to travel alone, but not necessarily better. If you’re planning a trip solo, all you have to consider is yourself. But mutually corresponding time, funds and interest is an entirely different scenario. It is commonly thought that you have to live with someone in order to know them, I think that similarly, you have to travel with them. 

Now if you’ve ever been anywhere alone, you will be all too familiar with the feeling of turning your head to say, “look at that!” in excitement or “can you believe this shit?” in exasperation. And the person next to you is no one you know, and they either stare at you wide eyed or if they’re a good sport, they’ll engage conspiratorially with, “I know right?!” Annnnddd maybe you’ll make a new friend, or just meet a predator. You really never know with this world.

But when your flight is delayed and there is someone there to lean your shoulder on, when you’re running for the train and there’s someone to hop on first and block the door so that you can get on, when you make the train and burst out laughing amid dry heaves, when you spot the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain for the first time, and you can smile together like “wow, we’re really here”, when you jump into a waterfall in Jamaica, when you navigate the winding roads along the Rio Duoro, when you get lost and the GPS is leading you in circles, when you’re nearly mugged on the streets of Rome, when you drive on a whim to Spain, and when you’re on a boat heading back to shore and you catch the sunset…these are the moments that will be more than snapshots on social media, they will be memories shared and enhanced because you were not alone. 

Even in multiple births, every human being comes into this world each one at a time. And the solitary journey allows every one of us the chance to come to terms with our  individual characters. The journeys we take together however, allow us to come to terms with the world; they become adventures of a time that you can look back on and say not to yourself, or to a stranger, but to a friend.. “do you remember when we..?”


x. Ginny 


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