Eleven Ways Your Hair Is Bae

Eleven Ways Your Hair Is Bae

1. When you wake up in the morning and your hair surprises you by acting decent and you don’t know why.

2. When you spend a lot of time and effort on your hair and it still decides to do its own thing and disappoints you. 

3. When you’ve got the same style as everyone else but it looks completely different on you (for better or worse).

4. When people want or ask about your hair but fail to fathom what you go through every day to get it that way.

5. When you love a style that does not love you.

6. When you think your hair is trash but everyone compliments you on it.

7. When you seek out the advice of friends and or the expertise of a professional about it.

8. When one day with minimal effort it makes you proud but the next day no matter what you try it makes you cry.

9. When every few days/weeks you’ve got a new do (even your mama’s confused).

10. When you’ve had the same tried and true for years and you’re too afraid to change it.

11. When you’ve got little or none at all but it suits you perfectly.

x. Ginny


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