For My Best Friend, On Her Birthday

I am not a fan of change. And though it may many times be the case that we are better off with it, in this one occurrence I am happy that I am not. Since I was 14 years old, my best friend has been Chiron Benjamin. I can be so precise with the timeline because it involved my own birthday and a slice of red velvet cake. And while we’re never fully certain of how much the smallest act can yield, in hindsight I will forever be thankful for mine. 

So now, it is my best friend’s birthday and this piece is in her honour because, hey she is my best friend and one of the most fantastic persons that I know. Chiron is selfless, she is brave, she is resilient, she is beautiful and her laughter is atrociously ridiculous. I used to provoke her in Mr. Samuel’s class just so she would burst out laughing. And always he would turn around and scold her saying, “Ms. Benjamin! Why can’t you be as well behaved as Ms. Phillip?”,  at which point, we would both start laughing. We used to be at KFC every Friday afternoon when the $10 special was hot, and now we brunch every chance we’re in the same country. And while I have no idea about a husband or children, I know who will be there even if I only end up with 13 cats. 

Being friends with Chiron reminds me of why strong foundations are necessary. We only went to high school together and for over a decade, we’ve lived in different places. When my father died, she sat next to me at the service and held my hand all the way through and when I need a kick in the ass (words of wisdom), I get them from her too. She is my original bosom friend, her grandmother swears that I am her sister and before I even started The Ginny Diaries my first journal was from her. I don’t have life all figured out and many pieces are still missing and are unseen, but Benjie’s Daughter is one of those pieces of me already in place and immoveable. 

I love you in thought, in word and in action and we need not fear change because we have weathered enough. You are an inspiration, a talent and a tummyfull of joy. Happy happy birthday my darling, the day you were born was a blessing and so too is every day you grace this earth. 

x. G


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