A whisper


Karuna Ezara Parikh

We treat each act of evil as a separate cause, but if we addressed it as a collective, we’d have a better way of seeing and solving the problem. A problem which isn’t just religious; it is political, economical, social, physical and psychological. And while we often wonder as to what magnitude of impact just one can make, acts of terrorism serve as a good example of what just a few can do to many.Β I live in a place where if even 10 people died in one day, it would incite pandemonium. But we live in a world where people are abused and slaughtered everyday but it barely makes the news. And while every victim isn’t a survivor, every survivor must be a victim, because seemingly it is only when we have been touched by darkness that we seek to reach for the light. For acts of goodness to resonate we need many to impact many more. We must pray for the world, by praying for ourselves as even an echo begins in a whisper.Β 

Gina Damarley Phillip


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