TOP 5 (The Top 5 People To Know In A Year)


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As 2015 draws to a close, as is the case with any year, we are subjected and prone to bouts of reflection. Because –  what is a new year’s resolution without an old year’s reflection behind of it? And I think it is a point beyond sheer sentimentality that we strive for. Something more than the festivity of a season, but the self-reflection of the soul.

So for today, my reflection is the top 5 people to know in a year.

The best friend

This is the person who gets your late night calls and texts and who replies to them in kind. They are very supportive. They will fill out your resume and buy sugar for your ex’s gas tank. This is your ride or die hitta, you have pet names for each other and no matter your gender, someone at some point has probably thought you were together. They will be your cellmate in prison, the gravity in your boots and the lift in your breasts. God Bless ‘Em.

The person who inspires you

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other or even how you do, this person inspires you to be your best self because they’re being their best selves too. This is the person who doesn’t know your every flaw, and who’s not privy to your every bad decision. However, they believe in your potential and will be the mentor and guide you’ve been seeking without even knowing you were lost.

The person who disappoints you

This is the person who for whatever reason reminds you that everything will not go your way. They are the Murphy’s Law in your day;  the reason you double check and triple check yourself constantly. They are the curve balls that come unexpectedly and the tests you thought you studied for and yet you fail. They will make you fall, but because you fell, you will learn how to get back up again.

The person you never want to be

This person is only relevant as an example of who you should never be. They are as they are and they’re proud of it too but they don’t resonate with you and that’s okay. Because just as there are guides and models of positivity, so too will there be the negative. And while what is negative to you will undoubtedly be positive to someone else, the reminder is vivid of all the characteristics and traits you never want to pursue and the person you never want to be.


You are the best person you will ever know. Because truly, if you do not know yourself then you will be lost in knowing another. You encompass within yourself all you will ever need to be who you want and were destined to be. And it is a rare distinction to be someone that no one else has ever or will ever be. So – take the time to know you. You may change before you get the chance to, and you may stay the same if you never try.

It’s been a long road from January and you may need to assess the who’s in your life now versus then. 

x. Ginny



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