What happened to Prince Charming?

So I’ve got surgery coming in the next couple of weeks and honestly, I haven’t thought about it beyond just saying the word. Perhaps to think on it, I’ll be terrified, and perhaps the not knowing is the hardest part..because quite frankly, there is no guarantee that it will fix or solve anything beyond a mere symptom of the problem. Nevertheless it’s the best option, so there we go.

I’ve mentioned before the importance of self-reflection. And with the year that I’ve had, it’s beyond the best option. I’ll say this bluntly. The people you thought you needed will teach you that all you need is yourself.

I am happier now than I have been at any point in this past year. And that I can attribute to finding a sense of peace and love about and within myself. The levels of loss have been astronomical, but the gain still supersedes..it’s all in how you measure.

I am forever thankful for those who were there, life isn’t a solo mission. We just learn however that how we walk it is unique. And you cannot begrudge someone their struggle for it isn’t your cross that they bear. There are bad days and weeks, even years but the life isn’t bad.

Contentment is a powerful thing. In anything you’re searching, remember that. Your fears will always remain until you face them.


I was in distress. I needed saving. But the hero was me.

x. Ginny


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