Right Now And Forever

I woke up this morning with absolutely no intention of writing. As a matter of fact, I was happy just to wake up this morning. All the kids are sick in my house and hence naturally so am I. And they’re such resilient little things that’ll bounce back whilst you’re laid up in bed. I mean who sees a child sick and doesn’t comfort him or let him into your bed where he proceeds to snuggle into your side though he’s coughing every other minute? Sigh. But truly, I should’ve put his ass in quarantine because now even the baby’s got it. And the poor thing gets frightened every time she coughs now.

But! It’s Christmas, and even if it was just a regular old week, we’ll all be bouncing back. Mom’s got the rum cakes in the oven and I am definitely eating for Christmas this year. It’ll be fatness and wellness for the New Year. 🙂 

Which brings me to why I’ve ended up writing. 

You’ve heard it often enough. “What is for you, will be for you.” But seriously, how do you ever even know if something is yours or isn’t? I’ll tell you what I told the person who asked me..I truly believe that we never know until the end. And this is why.

Many times when we’re in a job, or a relationship or even a major move there will arise moments of difficulty which will beg the question, “should I be doing this?” And we may seek advice or even spend time on it for ourselves, and we will chose to do either of two things. We either let it go. Or we hold on. 

Now we choose to let go, because if it was meant to be then it wouldn’t be so difficult. Perhaps you’ve given it chance after chance, changed tactics, stepped back, given more and still the issue remains. But what if what you’re letting go of, is for you? No one ever said that what is for you, you would get easily. So what if you’re supposed to go through the hard times to appreciate fully the goodness of what you are receiving? What if..but who knows?

Let’s suppose instead, we hold on. Because you know in your gut that this is for you. You’ve already put so much into it, to walk away now,  you’d be left with nothing to show for your time and energy. You do your pros and cons and the good outweighs the bad, so it makes sense. The fear is there that if we let go then we’ll have lost the thing that we wanted most and even more so, that we’ll never have it again. But what if letting go is the only way we will ever know that it was for us?

I think that life gives us the situation and we make it what we want it to be. There is no set period of time to know if something is right. There is no  rule or guideline that will ever be sufficient. There are people who spend years in something that isn’t for them. And there are others who are just beginning the path that they will keep. The only difference I’ve found is between what is for you right now, and what will be for you forever. And it is only at the end, that we’ll ever know which was either.

xo And A Merry Christmas,



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