I’m all for believing


Anyone who wants to motivate you will constantly remind you to “believe in yourself”, and these days we’re all on that self-love kick. We are inspired to be queens and kings, bosses and entrepreneurs, go getters of positivity and sunshine. This is all good.

However, quite often and imperceptibly there’s a line we cross that takes us from empowered to power mad, enthusiastic to unrealistic and we forget that in testing the limits, that they existed in the first place for a reason. It is not a bad thing to doubt one’s self. It all just depends on why. And doubting yourself isn’t the same as hating yourself. That’s a whole other issue altogether. What I’m referring to are those moments when our confidence slips and our surface cracks. That moment when we wonder about the possible. Because most times we try harder and plan better for the things we think we may not accomplish rather than for those things we never doubted we could ever do.

And perhaps that makes the difference. For when we’re a little more cautious and a little less cocky we actually take more care in handling a situation. The race isn’t for the swift they say; it is won by the steady. Our strength isn’t in the absence of fear but the realisation that we can be strong even when we are afraid. It is in the same way that we do not believe because we have never doubted, we believe because we have. And you can insert any other cliches which may come to mind right here.

x. Ginny


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