Post Op

So I did my surgery a few weeks ago, and contrary to my misgivings, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A point of irony for you though..anesthetics are painful. I got three shots. I also got to glimpse my open wound. And I will tell you now, I don’t know if it was because I was hopped up on meds or if Criminal Minds has subdued my sensitivity to the gruesome, but that was actually cool. This from the girl who once ran screaming from a cadaver. Sigh.ย 

I’m hoping now that my healing is what it should be. Because lying there on that operation table, trying not to think about what is happening, all you can think about is what is happening. I tell them they need a television, or a great window or even some artwork to break up the monotony. They laugh but trust me, if they ever listen, the next patient will be thankful.ย 

Thus with all of that, I am in need of some R and R. And I’ve already booked my tickets. Yes, plural. It’s all well and good to wonder what your life will mean to others, but first you should know what your life means to you. I’ve got some new friends to visit, as well as some old ones and family to see. I hope Henry E. Rohlsen and Piarco are ready for me. My scars need some sun.

x. Ginny


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