A Trini Of A Time

Recently, I visited the island of Trinidad; my first time and full of expectations. I left it quite happy. Normally, when you think of Trinidad and Tobago, carnival/partying/soca comes to mind. Well there was all of that. But, what I also found was heart. A lot of heart. I didn’t get to Tobago, that’s on the roster for next time, but what I can say of Trinidad is beautiful. By the geographical standards to which I am used to, Trinidad is a giant of an island, rich in resources, diversity and attraction.

There was feting, mas, excursions, food and music but what held my attention most was the people. I’ve been told many things that Trinidadians are, for myself however, I know them to be welcoming. They are the people who are willing to get know you for you, who appreciate the differences and see the similarities, the ones who meet you as a friend and take you for family. These are the people I spent time with, who made my visit what it was, a Trini of a time.

And so while I didn’t make it to every party, I did party with my people.



The Zoo also happened!


The views were spectacular..





My belly was bursting.


And even though no one takes an Antiguan to the beach (LOL) the drive was exhilarating.



There’s a coolness in the air here and though the sun is like a furnace you will spend most nights wondering if you’re in Siberia 🙂

Trinidad? Take a visit. Bring your sunnies and wear a smile.


It’s more than just the party, it’s the people.


x. Ginny


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