When Life Can Still Surprise You

It still amazes me just how sure we can be about something that doesn’t work out. And you can tell me if I’m alone in this, but sometimes and perhaps even often..our expectations and our reality are not on the same wavelength. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up, or what career path you wanted to pursue after leaving college, or even the lofty “this is my life and I’m claiming it” resolutions we make every New Year..? Are they ever what you thought they would be? And don’t get me wrong, we dream for a reason, we speak into being, we make proclamations of our desires and they are all necessary. It’s just interesting to see where you actually are versus where you thought you would be. I think too that no matter where you are..that you’re there for a reason. And no matter how well you plan or how certain you are, life will still surprise you.








Embrace it all – your plans, your wishes, aspirations and dreams..and even the reality of how they all play out.

xo. Ginny


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