While I wait..

Waiting sometimes feels like the hardest. It’s that midway, almost but not quite, what’s taking so long consternation. But whatever you’re waiting on or for or through, it’s for a reason. And often we’re more caught up in aging and seeing things pass us by and comparisons that we miss the opportunity of making our waiting into something of it’s own. Whatever you’re waiting on or for or through, it will come. And perhaps you will find that the period of time you just wanted to be over is greater than anything you were waiting on. It becomes more than the minutes passing by. It becomes the moments you savour as they are.


while I wait

xo. Ginny


6 thoughts on “While I wait..

  1. Shereen says:

    Waiting is so tough but there is such beauty when u realize the wait has molded you into a woman so wise and patient who can find contentment in the ordinary. But it’s sooooooo tough!!!!!!

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