The Ambition Of Women. Our Conflict. Our Peace. Our Reality. (An International Women’s Day Piece)


It’s International Women’s Day and it reminds me that it matters not just how we’re treated in the world by men, but perhaps even more so, how we treat each other as women. From the onset we are nurtured to be ambitious, and we don’t just want to be better..we want to be the best. Any girl here who says she’s never compared herself to another is lying. Because for whatever “prize” she’s held interest in, she’s compared and contrasted herself against her “competitor” in a strategic bid whether conscious or subconscious to be the victor. Needless to say, this has engendered a wealth of bad blood within our sex. And no longer can it just be said that we don’t understand men because seemingly then, as women we fail even to understand ourselves. We exist now in a world that allows us to see each other faster. Yet, we don’t always see better. The media exalts our differences, but it can also show just how much we are the same. At the very core of what makes us female, by the very identifiers of our gender, we are equal. And the only person we need to compete with is neither man nor woman but our own individual selves. Which, ironically comes about when we are first at peace with who we are. More often than not, the wars we wage against the world stem from the unresolved issues we bear within. Perhaps, the secret to world peace is inner peace. Rumi, Ghandi, Coehlo…all these men of wisdom believe that to change the world, we must first  change ourselves. What do the women say? Or are we too busy with the in-fighting to find our inner peace. I have been a girl. I have competed. Now? I am a woman. And I just want to empower. And that ultimately begins with me. As your own empowerment begins with you. It’s putting aside the enmity you feel within yourself and the misunderstandings you’ve had with others. It’s being good even to those who hate you. It is realising your worth without diminishing that of another. It’s acknowledging that we are alike and we are different and we are women. Our wisdom isn’t the change to be better. It is the acceptance that we already are. Let the men deal with that. Happy International Women’s Day.

xo. Ginny


2 thoughts on “The Ambition Of Women. Our Conflict. Our Peace. Our Reality. (An International Women’s Day Piece)

  1. Kentucky Angel says:

    Amen to that Ginny. If we would stop competing with each other and work together around the world, oh what a world we could create. Love this.

    Liked by 1 person

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