Our Story, Part Two.

I had originally intended to call this one “My Story” but I was reminded many times today that it is in fact still “Our Story”. So, here’s Part Two. 

I am tired beyond measure, my ankles feel like lead and my hand aches to the point of annoyance, BUT…I had a sensationally fantastic birthday. Seriously, it’s one of those good things that makes you cry.

I ended up sharing my special day with many, many more than I had intended but that just made the experience many, many times better. My phone died twice. Thank you all so very much for the calls and messages. Thank you for showing up. Lord alone knows how many times I wanted to just say never mind, but I realized that it wasn’t just for me and that I didn’t have to do it alone. I thought I was throwing myself a party. I was wrong. A party was thrown for me. And it was a celebration. To look around and realize that all of this was because of me, it was overwhelming, it was humbling, it was uplifting. It wasn’t the kind of day where you only hear from someone because it was your birthday. It was the kind of day where the people who show up every other day, turn up even greater because it was your birthday. Thank you all. I don’t know how I fed all of you. But I did and the food was lit.

One of my brothers reminded me that for him, my birthday is a celebration just as if it were his own. Apparently, the existence of a baby sister tossed his “girlsing” schedule for a loop. And to realize that said baby sister is now nearly 30, well I guess the boy got a bit nostalgic. For my part, I’m always intrigued talking to people who have known me literally my entire life. And to those whom I met later on, you too hold a special place in my heart. Because it doesn’t matter the time, the place or the hour…I know that I can reach out and you’re going to be there. People tell me all the time that I know too many people. But that’s not it. I just know the right people. The type of people who defy distance and time and circumstance to show you care and support. And I love you all. You are the faint stirrings of hope on my bleakest day. You are the reason I am calm even in well doing. You made my day, you make my life. You remind me that this is our story. 



xo Ginny.


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