Especially Us

The self-help positivity yogis want us to believe that we exist in a world wherein we are all special. But you read or watch enough fantasy fiction and there’s always some specially unique law breaking individual who stands out above the rest. So…which is it? Are we all in fact remarkable or are some just even more so than others? I think in a way actually that we subscribe to both in our world. Because unless ofcourse you’re either atheist or agnostic, we all in some way believe in a higher and greater power. A saviour, a healer, a creator, a vengeful being wielding justice and might that supersedes us all. We believe still that through such powers that encompass our universe that we are animated to be destined; chosen and special and intrinsically one of a kind. We stand out from each other. We are all gifted, talented beings that should we accept it, are tasked with divine purpose to ‘let our lights so shine’. And though it may be easier to conceive of fantastical prowess unique to a select few, separate and enhanced from the ordinary mundane masses…what of a reality wherein it is the masses which are empowered and extraordinary? A collective of peoples with a bond of commonality who are anything but common. There has never been nor will there ever be another being that is you. And should you believe in reincarnation and the existence of the soul preceeding that of the body, no two lives are ever the same. Even when lived by the same soul. And therein lies one of the multitude of reasons for you to feel good about yourself. Because, for better or for worse what makes you special is that there is no one else like you. And I don’t think you need the yogis or the fantasy fics to tell you that.

xo. Ginny


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