Tiny Things To Write About #1 – Exile

I received this nifty little gift for my birthday recently and the whole premise is writing prompts. I absolutely love it. It reminds me so much of my days in public speaking at University (this statement makes me sound ancient but whatever). And while I am positively anti-social, I have a natural way with words (I’m told) and thus this provides a good meeting point for the two. Anyways and before I digress even further, my gift is a book called 642 Tiny Things To Write About by  The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. I think it’ll help those moments of writer’s block, laziness and generally just be great exercise for my writing muscles. 

Today, I am faced with this question..Where would you choose to be exiled?

Sigh. A really good question isn’t it? But first, what does it even mean to be in exile? Ahem. According to my dictionary of Mac, exile is the state of being barred from one’s native country through punitive measures or rather a person who lives away from their native country, either from choice or compulsion. Now, we don’t really live in a time where people are banished from their homeland as punishment, in actuality people are banished to their homeland as punishment and the deportees can testify to this. But, if you were made to or chose to for whatever reason leave the land of your birth and never return, where would you go? Most Antiguans have already “exiled” themselves to the U.S. or Canada. And though many return, some do not. Though to be frank there are many who would view their own country as exile in itself, so that when they do leave it, they never look back. And if they do, it is to fondly remember the things they’ve missed and perhaps treat it as a place to vacation, but they would never seek to live there again. So for me, to be in exile from my country would be heartbreak. Because while I am a girl of wanderlust, I  have always maintained that yearning for home. 

Thus, if I were to be in exile, I’d choose the only other place that I’ve ever left and felt like I was leaving home. Portugal. I guess most persons would choose some place that they’d never been in order to live out a fantasy or perhaps somewhere where they knew a lot of people so that they wouldn’t be alone. My choice however is for a place where I only spent a matter of weeks and isn’t overly big but where I could assimilate to a new culture and still keep that feeling of home. 

Now, what would I take with me..

Three essential items that I’d need I think include, pen and paper (or even my computer), a camera and a loved one. When I was there before I hadn’t yet begun to write, but I took a multitude of photos and I experienced it all with someone I loved. It is a country of vineyards, history, bridges, winding rivers, amazing coffee, wine and food, and it has a coastline  (which is predominantly cold as shit but a mermaid has her needs). I’ve missed it and it is an experience I would love to give more time to. I think too that now I’ve got my writing bones, the inspiration there would be quite magical. And whether you’re wandering or at home, having someone to share it with makes all the difference. 


What do you all think? Comment or blog even if you’re not tagged,

Where you would live in exile, and what three essentials would you take with you?






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Jimmy Lou

And as always,

xo. Ginny


2 thoughts on “Tiny Things To Write About #1 – Exile

  1. e says:

    (Sigh…) Such an alluring piece on so many levels. I admit I had to force myself to stop staring into the FABULOUS wing tipped eyes that greeted me in the profile pic. Once I got past that..I could concentrate again…still scrolling my Sister…Cyberhugs!

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