You Are Not Alone

Every now and again, I take a venture into my Reader. And always, as the posts begin to load, I chide myself because really I should do so more often. It’s true when they say that you really don’t know what you’re missing. Writing can easily become a very lonely sport, we are insulated in nature and personally I write best when I am completely on my own. Thoughts and ideas, notions and observations I may gather publicly but I need to zen out to focus in. We can be angsty creatures, and I won’t hesitate to say it, quite self-involved. No one understands us, but we understand everything (or nothing at all), and we need an outlet. But as I peruse my Reader, it quickly becomes evident that while we may feel insulated, our issues are not. You’re sitting there questioning your life, your love, your career, your goals and someone else, many someones in fact are doing the very same thing. And that my dears, is something not just every writer wants, but every person generally..that feeling of relatability, that someone understands and gets it.

In one of my philosophy classes we once argued that the message the artist hopes to convey isn’t often the one the audience receives. Sometimes too, two people can see the same thing and register two different interpretations from it. Why else do we argue so much when we go to the movies? The point is at least, thatย something registers. The hope is that anyone reading, or listening or viewing your work will have some reaction to it. Even if it’s not the one intended, even if it’s a negative one, it is better than no reaction at all. And you never fully realize how much good you do, until someone can identify with your work, or you in turn can identify with someone else’s. I’m thankful for these moments. Especially, because I know they work both ways. Nothing is created out of nothing. Simply put. And, every idea or feeling that gets drafted unto paper has the essence of it’s maker in it. We put ourselves into our art. And any time someone can identify or react to that, any time we can identify or react to it, is a time when we become less insular and more in touch with each other.

If you’re just starting, keep going at it. If you’ve been doing it awhile now, do not give up. And if you’ve never started, there is always today. You can, you are and you will reach someone, probably even as they need it most.

xo. Ginny

P.S. I’m showing some of my work this weekend at a Live Art Exhibit, and I can’t make up my mind whether I’m more excited or scared witless. Regardless, I’ll be there. And I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.

Please go see these guys. You never know just when you might relate.


Jason’s Journal



Finding them today, meant the world to me.




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