Spilling Ink presents The Ink Project aka The Best Damn Afternoon I’ve Had In A While

So our art exhibit was a success. And I am forever grateful to the team at Spilling Ink for putting it all together. I have never functioned in such a collective, creative space before. And while I write creatively, these guys they do this thing seriously, day in and day out. The young artists that came out, you could feel their passion and skill just pouring out unto their canvasses. And by the time I was finished my single solitary piece, some of them were just putting their third to dry. Talk about daunting! But it was sincerely enjoyable. It’s one thing to come to a show and see the art on display, but to actually be there while they’re being created and watch them take shape was mind-blowing. Everyone had their own individual techniques and styling, unique ideas and strict focus. Some knew immediately what they were going to create, while others just shrugged and put paint to canvas knowing that something would take shape. They are inspiring, truly. And me? Yea, I had nothing.

Someone was kind enough to ask if I wanted some charcoal..and I just smiled and said “Yes! Definitely!”. No clue whatsoever what I would be doing with it. But that just goes to show you, it wasn’t an envious or boastful atmosphere. No one treated another as if they didn’t belong, and most of all there was this appreciation for everything that was being created in that room. And no two things were the same. One young lady told me she would be using egg shells in her painting. I was aghast because like…egg shells? She just smiled and said, “wait and see”. And so it was. I learnt so much being in their company. And dare I say, that painting is extremely…relaxing?

I’m hoping it will be more than just an annual event. Being able to do what you love, and be appreciated for it is nirvana. Being able to share what you know and learn what you don’t, encouraging young talent and mingling together with like-minded souls it’s all just everything. Everything you’d hope for, which is good, because I was asked in the beginning what I’d hope to get out of the Ink Project initiative. And I can tell you this. If I was hoping for 10, I got 100. 

Paint splattered and ink spilt, 

xo Ginny


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