The Trojan Life Lesson



If any of you remembers the Battle of Troy, you will also remember how it was won. And though I’ve found that recollection can be quite selective, the Trojan Horse should still come to mind. It comes to my mind because a Trojan today isn’t just a condom or malware, very much is still the mechanism by which people of ill intent infiltrate your life. And it’s sad really because just like the Spartans, they’ve adorned themselves as anything but. You want to believe that there is goodness there, you tell yourself not to think or judge too harshly or swiftly, and ultimately, they’ve really just been waiting, biding time til they can ambush. Because they’re also cowards. And you have to be brave enough to see them as they are. Life is too uncertain to waste it with the uncertain. So, if your intuition’s broke, fix it. Don’t be afraid to look that gift horse in the mouth and burn it.

I’ve found that anything true stands up to scrutiny.

xo. Ginny





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