A Good Day In Bad April

Today is a good day. And if you even dared to doubt it, well it’s Emma Watson’s birthday. And I think she’s just fabulous. I love her characters and..well her character. So Happy Birthday Em, I say, as if we’re old friends. Cheers.


So clearly I’m in a good mood, toasting celebrities who have no idea as to my existence and all, but such is life. I’ve had a..sigh, weird ? week. I don’t know what one word is sufficient enough in scope and definition to approximately emote my general feelings towards the week I’ve had. So, weird will have to do it. Congratulations. I’m in a good mood frankly because it can go either way. I could be feeling positively dreadful actually, but it’s like this, if you have the choice..why not just be happy? Why not. I’ve just realized also that my phone is dying and it’s actually sitting right next to its charger and yet not plugged in. I’m seriously just begging to go out later and have it die on me, aren’t I? Anyways, I’ve plugged it in, and it shall live to notify the authorities in the event of my possible abduction later. 

Ever since realizing that I was born in March, I’ve never really liked the month of April. No offense to April goers, it was just a month after my birthday and a reminder that this is the first month of waiting all over again. Granted, we could talk about being thankful for the journey and not the destination here, but allow me my nature of contradiction. To be fair, I don’t really fancy May either, June is kind of blah although I think July is awesome. Every month thereafter is the pits until December. And the first week of January is great until we hit March again. So sue me, chances are I hate the month that you were born in. But it’s your month, you go like it. I actually have a good time hating things and maintain a steady dislike for certain numbers and days of the week. In case you were wondering. I love Fridays. But I was born on a Friday so you understand. 

I’m also in a good mood because I gained a pound. And yes, I’m already fat, so why should this excite me. I know. I even had ice cream afterwards. But it made me happy because I didn’t look any different, I didn’t feel any different and quite frankly it made me no different. The extra pound more or less really has no effect. And although I know that I’m supposed to be living healthier, and I will. Scout’s honour. Veggies all next week. Lol. I’m just happy to not let what number a needle points to in a plastic box define my happiness. What does make me happy is that my painting sold! Yup. I’ve sold artwork people. Stand back. Honestly, I am in awe and shock that someone likes it enough to pay for it, but also thankful and pleased that they saw something in it, and I guess in me, that they wanted to keep. It’s a good feeling. 



So the good mood continues. I hope that it’s contagious. Few good things ever are. Imagine if mosquitoes bit you with the cure for cancer and acceptance and positivity spread like Ebola? It can happen though. A world where we’re seen by what’s within and our actions matched our words, where no one nation, group or man claimed sovereignty and exclusivity over another and Emma Watson introduced me to Joanne… It can happen. And perhaps, I’ll like April better. Perhaps. 

xo. Ginny


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