Dearly beloved,

“.. we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.”

Prince Rogers Nelson died yesterday and I think the world still needed him. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t follow his music as much as I did with Michael’s or Whitney’s but I’m listening now. I remember bits and pieces and I recognized him on spot but Prince just like those legends gone before him, often seemed like one the world forgot. We are a people fond of giving flowers in death. And the most tribute a man may ever receive often adorns his grave. We sigh and cry and say “gone too soon”, but what did we care when they were still here? The sudden finality of death is like a door that slams unexpectedly with the wind. It’s jarring, disconcerting. It takes your breath. We’ve lost a man who embraced life, stood for his convictions and revolutionized what we now take for granted. He was controversial, but such is the way of change. Prince was here and remembered he always will be. The best things are often said in death. It seems it’s the only way that life can be felt. I pray he rests in peace, as we gather here, his name reclaimed never lost from our lips. 




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