6 of my favourite Instagram accounts and why I’m following them.

If you asked my mother she would not hesitate to tell you that social media is the devil. I respect her opinion simply because I realize that social media is a construct of a certain age and holds little appeal for someone who still leaves their cell phone at home whenever they go out. I almost did a Master’s degree however in social media because while it does have it’s ills, I believe in the merits of it also. And that furthermore through effective guidance the technology can be useful in anything you wanted to do. Anything useful but not harmful of course. This is where my mother reminds me that ISIS uses social media to plan its attacks and target innocents. 

I think of social media the way I think of people. There are aspects you hate, some you love, some that surprise you and some that you don’t even deal with and apply parental controls to. I’ve actually developed a steady dislike of Facebook and Snapchat has turned out to be quite fascinating. I still enjoy Instagram though. And Twitter for whatever reason has become a chatroom reminiscent of MSN Messenger. In time I’ll tackle all, but today I wanted to share with you six (6) of my favourite Instagram accounts, where people are still using social media for what they love. 

        1.  @Authenticitee & @IndigoInterlude

These are two accounts run by the fabulous Erica of Authenticitee. She is such a force of goodness; positivity, enlightenment and beauty just shine through everything she puts her hands to. I know from her I’ll be treated to posts of authentic poetry and rhythms, stimulating dialogues of consciousness and sisterhood, and reflections of what it is to be strong, black, feminine, articulate and full of love. 


     2.  @Learningtobefearless

Alexandra is a complete sweetheart. She is beautiful and gracious and there’s a sense of whimsical fun about her that puts others at ease. Her style is classic and effortless and as a plus size young woman, it’s very awesome to realize that you can love yourself whatever you weigh. She is learning to be fearless and all of us along with her. Less is more, make-up can be redone and never be afraid of who you are and can become. 


     3.  @Wegozo

One of my friends recently greeted me with an, “I didn’t know you were here.” Seeing that I was puzzled, they went on to say, “You’re always somewhere or another.” She’s exaggerating slightly, lol but fingers crossed, Wegozo will post my photos one day. Featuring scenes from all over the globe, it offers the chance for travelers to share their pictures of exotic views, foods and adventures. And every time their posts appear in my feed, there is that renewed nostalgia for places I’ve already been and excitement for where I’m yet to go. 


     4.  @TheGoodQuote

I’ve been following The Good Quote since I was on Tumblr. Since then they’ve grown to include The Good Vibe, The Good Fitness as well as others. I really love the spirit and energy purveyed, that hippie bohemian, no worries, free love, good vibes type affair. They’re inspiring, poetic and simply cathartic. The type of escape and reality we often crave.


    5.  @K_Rashad

Kamal Rashad is young, talented, black and a gentleman and he is on the rise. He is grounded but enlightened, full of vigor and dedication. His perspective is one I cherish, not just for the male aspect but the straight forward quality of his expression speaks truth. He is truly as they say, one to watch. He’s turning dreams into reality. And I’m looking forward in earnest to his coming book. 


     6.  @Tummyfull

My list of favorites would be remiss without this one. Tummyfull is run by my best friend, Chiron; a self-proclaimed “girl who loves to eat”. Her account is simply put, full of food. There’s street food, fast food, fine dining, home-cooked meals, treats and copious amounts of alcohol. There is the occasional selfie but we see too little of her beautiful face. She is stylish, she is tasteful and she’ll have you in the comment section cussing over not being invited for whatever incredible dish or drink she’s about to devour. 


They’re just some of my favourites in my daily feed. Check them out. You might love them too.

xo Ginny


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