While I squeeze some lemons..



So this past week, the arguable Queen Bey, released her new album with movie format to boot. I liked it for the poetry infused lyrics and deep cultural tones that were anything but subtle. Her supposed diss to her husband wasn’t either, however it was neither here nor there to me. Especially in the light of the fact that it doesn’t even seem real, a mere stunt and gimmick to gain the element of relatability amongst the throngs of women done been done wrong by some man at some point in some life. She can be criticized for this and has been but in truth everyone does it. Every day we come cross works of art dedicated to the fragility and strength of broken hearts created in real time by an artist who only used to feel that way. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference. You don’t know if this person is going or coming, up or down, in love or suicidal..or both.


We use our experience as a template for our passion, it’s just what people do. Politicians dress down to go into the ghetto, they hop on the subway to ride one stop to seem more common, they talk your lingo, and come into your homes to sup with you, because they know that we always want to feel closer to our idols. Beyonce is “Queen B” of a hive of millions, she is glorified and simplified, she does no wrong and her masses feel akin to her because she carries hot sauce in her purse, and sings about the cheating man who did her wrong. Everything is relative. I’ve found that there are things that I hesitate to write about because we live in a world that considers only the surface. If I write about rape, then I must have been raped, if I write about poverty, I must have been poor, If I write about love then I must have had someone, and too often we’re just writing, and painting, and singing, and creating just to be relative. Beyonce wants to sell albums, Hilary wants to be president, and I just want to be me. If I can be of any help that way, then let it be. screenshot_2016-04-30-11-26-17-1.png

The thing is that we are often more inspiring, more reachable, more cognitive to others when they can relate to us. The experience you’ve transcribed in some form or fashion may not be current, it may not even be yours but through you, it reaches someone who genuinely knows it and felt it once upon a time and even now. I sometimes stumble into deep conversations with people when we only stopped to say hello. And what we end up getting into, goes from “oh my God girl, you look fantastic,” to “cleansing your body, cleanses your soul, yea I’ll try some meditation and turmeric” to “never stop being you, people will hate you anyway, life will be confusing anyway and at least if you’re going to fall and stumble, make enemies, lose friends and gain perspective, then you might as well do it being the only person you can ever truly be.” Trust me, sometimes people stop you to say that you’re inspiring them, but they don’t even realize they’re inspiring you. Because everyone will relate in some way, we’re human and it doesn’t have to be made up, or disingenuine. They’ll just like you or hate you for you. 


xo Ginny 


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