Getting To The #Goal


We’ve become quite goal oriented as a people. Literally everything is “hashtag” goals. And this is great of course, except I think when we’re so busy focusing on the end goal that we don’t even appreciate what it takes to get there. If you’ve read anything I’ve written before, if we’ve ever had a conversation, you will know..that I’m a journey girl. Faithfully. 🙂 I even love the band. And the reason is that already in my limited experience, I’ve seen the wonders of a single step. It’s not the end zone, it’s not the destination but it still holds merit and even in just an inkling, it has given you more than what you had before. Every bit helps, and guess what..even the steps backward can be pivotal. The road blocks matter, the stalled progress you’re experiencing, they’re all actually teaching you more than if your path had just been unencumbered and straight. 

For me, I see the journey in everything. It stays on my lips like lip balm, its applied with highlights to contour. It is everything. It is how you work on that degree,  your career, your break up, that vacation, retirement, it is how you love again, how you trust..everything takes a journey. I remember going through all of these, and Lord knows for probably all, I just wanted to get there. I wanted to be done, or over it, or just be there already. Until somehow I woke up to realize, that it wasn’t done, it wasn’t over, and I wasn’t there yet but I was okay. I turned 29 and all I could think of was thirty. It’s that goal age where you finally can’t be called a girl, where you should have amounted to any number of your hopes and ambitions, its that new block of life where things are just supposed to be different. I felt in a way like I couldn’t be excited about thirty if I hadn’t done all the things I wanted to do by thirty. And that is the downside of goals. Because you feel if you’re not meeting them then you’re not living life. And frankly that’s just not true. 

Life is even about the small things. The little moments, like how you feel after getting home from an event you spent hours prepping for, those sundays you spend with absolutely no plan, laughing with abandon head tilted to the sun, feeling just happy for being, holding another’s hand. They matter because when they go wrong, everything else feels off kilter. It is in the small moments that we plan the bigger ones. They are the glue upon which we hang our frame of life. Speaking of which, I get complaints a lot that I’m always taking pictures. So much so that when I opened my front facing camera the other day, one of my friends immediately hassled me about taking a selfie. I really just wanted to use my front facing camera as a mirror but I’ll take a selfie if I damn well please. Thank you very much. However, more often I’m looking outward through my camera lens. If I’ve taken your photo, most likely it was with you unaware, or while you were preparing to actually pose. Sue me. It’s just more honest that way. And its the same thing with these itty bitty steps we take in getting where we want to be. They are honest, they either send you back or move you forward, eventually. But more importantly, they help reveal to you just who you are. 

Make your goals, drink water and trust the journey. Destinations can always change. So, focus not on the finish line, but on the next step, and then the next step, until you get there. 


xo. Ginny


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