New Season Coming

So evidently, I have been on hiatus. And I knew it, but still I didn’t know. Ya know? The past few months have done their hardest to break me, and through so much transition and questioning, all my words it seems were kept internal. I’m still here though, by God’s grace, I’m still here and with every measure of bad there has been some good. I have a family of misfits, munchkins and absurdly crazy people and for whatever reason we’re gathered it’s always a time of it being with them. It’s amazing too to me when you’re able to sit and talk or even walk and talk (my brother and I did this..suffice it to say I did some cursing as well) and you can just catch up. I find myself always also in this weird flux of adulthood whenever the entire family’s around. You’re older than some but you’re still younger than the rest and especially big brothers will remind you of this. Abashedly, I will admit that our mother had to mediate more than a few squabbles and with her in the fray it then became an argument of favouritism. Meh. Whatever, keeps us young right? So let’s proceed, (newer post coming soon).ย I am currently sipping my morning addiction; mint, fever grass (lemon grass for the un-Caribbean), garlic and ginger boiled and sweetened with a bit of brown sugar, we call it Bush Tea. Believe me it’s good, and after a few trips to Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds, it is all that I ever want. And it does wonders for a young gal with more than a few aches and pains. Nothing however helps with the munchkins and crazy people. I just enjoy them with the occasional fight or two while they’re here. Because after all, it’s family.


xo. Ginny



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