The Big Move


The big move takes a lot and it will change your life.  It may not be your first, or your last but it matters because it helps to make you as you are. I just had this conversation with someone.. As a child, in school, growing up…you’re asked quite constantly, “what do you want to be when you grow up? And even when you’re encouraged that you can be whatever you want to be, more than likely they’re only looking to hear one thing. You grow up then that this is what you’re to do and this is what you will be. You tell yourself and others that by the time of so and so, you will be this and that. And quite seldom do we ever stop to think that perhaps we won’t like being a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a pilot, a banker, a social worker..And we forget to consider that very few people will ever only do one thing. And why should they? When we’re young, dumb and ambitious, we forget about things like bills, debt, the economy… We forget about the time it will take to get just to where we want to be. And most of all, we forget about the changes and choices we will have to make to get there. screenshot_2016-08-26-12-50-53-1.png

So if you’ve made a big move or you’re thinking of one, hat’s off to you. It takes courage. It takes strength. It takes planning. There’s fear to it too, never forget that. But I think that if there’s something out there that you want and you’re afraid of how to get it, then that’s good. You’ll think more about the things you’re scared of doing. You won’t be so gung ho and cock sure, but rather you’ll examine all angles, weigh the possibilities and you’ll plan for the incidentals. Then, because you want it more than you fear it, you will go for it.

For me, making a change from something I’ve been doing for much of the last decade is daunting. And in contemplating the move I can’t help but think to the comfort of the tried and sure, what I already know, but what I’m trying to leave behind. I am reminded though that this is really life, and I don’t have to be pigeon-holed into doing just one thing. I can be anything I want to be and the possibilities are still endless. The first time I moved away from home, I felt so lost that same day. In a real sense I was moving away from everything and everyone I knew and I didn’t even know if I could make it where I was going. But God did not leave me stranded. I made a friend my second day. I got lost two weeks later. And I had one of the best experiences of my life.

The point of it all is, that there will be new lessons learnt, new paths drawn and old friends lost. But this is life; sometimes you have to lose much to gain more. And anyone and anything that is meant for you will be. I have learnt and I am still learning. I have changed and I am still changing. And I have moved yet still I am still moving. Life, as we know it, is a balance of the sour and the sweet, the highs and the lows, our faith and our fears; it is dreaming big but thinking logically, it is seeing the shifting times and standing still to understand them. Life isn’t any one single thing, so why should we who are living be anything but more?

So now, the big move awaits. And change? Well, it comes in many ways. It may be physical,  it may be may be spiritual and even emotional. It may be sudden or a long time coming, but however it comes..and it does,

I am anxious yet ready for all that is in store.

xo and always,



2 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Whitney C. says:

    Great post! I feel like I am approaching this point in my life as well; moving away from everything I have ever known and embarking on a new journey. It’s scary, but exciting at the same time.

    Congrats on your move! I hope it brings nothing but great things! 🙂

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    • GINNY says:

      Thank you so much. And I wish for you likewise. It’s scary but it’s worth it as I’m sure that you will discover as well. Whatever you’re getting ready to do, I pray that it will serve you well.

      Liked by 1 person

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