Generation Why

The generation of today (that’s you millennials!), might not realize just how privileged they are, but then again that’s what our parents had to say about us. I received my first cell phone when I was about 17 I think, I had just finished high school feeling like a big woman an ting and my phone number and phone for that matter were handed down to me by my older sister. I remember it quite clearly, this was right before they started using sim cards, text messaging was the lick and snake was the only game you could play on your phone. The smartest thing my cell could do was turn into a flashlight, but I loved it. 

I remember too when ring tones were all the rage. I think I had a different one for every contact on my speed dial and whenever a message came in, my phone announced the sender’s name. I remember realizing that cell phones weren’t just something you got as an adult when I spotted a five year giggling on her iPhone..(and yes it was hers). My 12 year cousin led a lengthy campaign for months, heavily debating all the reasons why he should have not just a cell phone but the latest Samsung. When I rolled my eyes too much, he told me by way of reasoning that 1. everyone in his class had a cell phone and 2. it would help him with his school work. Could I relate? Hell no. When I was in high school, what everyone had were Lisa Frank notebooks and binders and we copied our homework from the blackboard. Maybe! Just maybe somebody had a palm pilot or a beeper.

But times have changed and are changing, and I feel old just a bit but also grateful. I can’t be like my mother who wants to tell you she used to light flambeau to do her schoolwork. But I remember when I led a completely fulfilling life without a cellphone. And I guess I missed the quiet because these days, I don’t know what my ring tone is and my phone lives on silent. The constant ping ping ping of messages coming in drives me up the wall and if I’m around you and your phone is constantly chirping your notifications, I will be rather annoyed. But hey, apparently I annoy people too when I miss their calls all the time. I only actually return about 1 in 5 of these because I hate talking on the phone and yea, I get cussed out on a regular basis due to all of this. You can sue me but really, you don’t pay my bill so I do what I want.

I buy my phones these days brand new and unlocked. My minutes go to waste monthly but my life is embedded in those 5.6 inches of hard plastic (LOL). And I guess if I am to be honest, we’re all privileged; not to be Team Android or Team iPhone and not because our phones are new, hi-tech or bedazzled with rhinestones; our privilege lies in that whatever our means, we are alive in a time that allows us the advanced capacity to connect. And disconnect, at will.


xo. Ginny 

(Team Android and Mac Baby)


2 thoughts on “Generation Why

    • GINNY says:

      Thank you so much Mama! I missed an important call because my phone was on silent, and it just spiraled from there. And of course, I always love talking about time and transitions.


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