It’s FriYay! My Beauty Secret.. Aloe Vera.

Hello everyone, how are you?

I’m just sitting here chomping on a bit of rice pudding after washing my hair and I figured I’d share with you my beauty regimen for today. Now I’m lax about all of this generally because I am quite lazy, but there are a few things I’ll swear by whenever I do attempt to make myself presentable. One of those things would be, Aloe Vera. Or as we say here in Antigua …’Allaz’… (simply a dialectal variation on the word ‘aloe’). I pretty much just swam in the stuff because I, as much as I write about it, have very little understanding of the concept surrounding moderation. I’m either everything or nothing at all. 

Now, aloe vera might I say is akin to gold. It’s health properties and benefits are astronomical and I actually refused to use it for years all due to the fact that I hate the smell. Yup, it stinks. And it’s bitter, so watch out. They’ve got it as a drink in the supermarkets here and I shudder every time I see it. There’s a huge clump of it right across the street and I’m deathly afraid of falling into it but the damn thing is flipping miraculous. It’s good for your hair, your skin, your digestive, it treats inflammation, infection, cuts, arthritis, sun burn. It’s got proteins and minerals and probably God’s saliva because like I said, it works. 


I actually only started using it because the reverse double helix piercings in the cartilage of my upper ear have decided to annoy me. And showing them to my mom, who I believe was a medicine woman in her past life, basically went like this.. “why you don’t put some allaz on it?” As if to say,” why you so fooley?” Sigh. Mothers. Anyways, off I went to cut a piece of aloe, skinning my nose up the entire time while she’s telling me not to stain up her knife. Now I don’t know how much you’re familiar with the actual aloe plant but once it’s cut, it basically weeps and smells like tarnation. Don’t be deterred. I rinsed it (the yellow juice), sliced it (the thorny side) and I use the gel. And the pain in my ear is no longer there.

I’ve also begun using it for my hair now. I recently got a relaxer and I really wanted to condition my hair. I haven’t used my flat iron since June and I always air dry but I’ve got some residual colour in and I just wanted to add some lustre and moisture to my hair and pep it up a bit. Sooo…aloe vera. It’s good like gold and it will serve you well. There’s a lot of research and information on it, google is your friend. And if you have any tips and tricks or anything to share, I’m here for it. I enjoy interacting with my readers because you never know who you’re helping or who just might help you. So thank you sincerely for reading always. I figured we could do something lighthearted for a change today so I’m sharing my personal beauty experience with you. Aloe vera may work and will work differently for everyone though so be advised.



You can connect with me here or via instagram @ ginnyhaywood and theginnydiary , twitter @ ginnyhaywood  and ginnywrites or snapchat @ ginnymaidfly where occasionally I’m either being ridiculous or on the beach. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

xo, Ginny.


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