How Much Are You? A Question of Self-Worth, Self-Value and Self-Love.



How much would you say you’re worth?

Right now in this present moment..what would you consider your value to be?

I ask because seriously, I’m interested in knowing upon what merits you base your self esteem, your looks, your body, your potential… on what basis do you rate you?

It’s a conversation that I’ve been having with myself for awhile now, and then not even intentionally I had it with others, because with the supposed movement for positivity these days, everyone seems motivated on self love, self care and self worth. Which, I will just say is positively fabulous. I just know too though that being positive isn’t as easy as it sounds. I know how easy it is to self deprecate quicker than it is to love and that even when peace is attained, you can still be drawn out to war.

There are many people today who are only motivated because of negativity. They thrive on having haters, they feel relevant just to be seen and when they think to inspire themselves, it is based on showmanship to another rather than actual belief in themselves. Don’t be like these people.

There are many people still who are only motivated because of contrived positivity. They thrive on having followers, fans, likes and adoration. These are the people who need to be told that they are beautiful to feel that they are beautiful. And they really only believe in themselves because someone else first believed in them. I won’t tell you not to be like these people.

But, there is an alternative for you..

In the people who are motivated because of who they know themselves to be. They’re not waiting for anyone to hate them or love them, they’re just going to exist and live as they are. Their motivation is internal, their love of self is nestled deep and their sense of worth is present without filter, without regard and without dark shadows to obscure the picture. They are the people who finally recognize adoration is fickle and hate misguided. They know that in a world of pretenders, it is better always just to be one’s self.  

We stifle so much of who we are when we’re too concerned about what other people think. And it’s rather pointless, if the only reason you are who you are, is because someone else told you so, then whatever will you do when they don’t? The way that anyone feels about you is secondary and even irrelevant to the way in which you feel about yourself. Something I know to be difficult, especially in a world that doesn’t rate us individually but grades us on a curve. You’ll have to remember though that value is everything. And you are the only one in charge of your pricing. You determine your worth and you should never be on sale, or discounted. Although, inflation due to shaded insecurities and pomposity will also be wrong.

Your true value should always be based on your true self. 

And no one can know it but you.



6 thoughts on “How Much Are You? A Question of Self-Worth, Self-Value and Self-Love.

  1. Shereen says:

    I too have been thinking something similar. We say things like “I know my worth” and “I love myself” and I’ve just been wondering why? Like why do you love yourself, why do u rate yourself on the level that you rate yourself at?

    It’s a question I don’t even want to answer so I just dismiss it in my head. But it’s definitely something to think about

    Liked by 1 person

    • GINNY says:

      It is definitely worth the thought. And at the end of the day all those questions can only be answered truly by you. Because in leaving them unanswered, you run the risk of someone else answering for you. 😊 Food for thought.

      Liked by 1 person

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