Refuge: In The Land Of Sun And Sea

I am in love with my island. My most perfect days are spent at the beach and on an island like Antigua, there are 365 places to do it. They are my refuge and my retreat. There are days when all I do is simply plunge in, anxious to feel the coolness of the water and the caress of the waves on my skin. There are days when I sit for awhile and just greet the sand; reveling in the juxtaposition of golden coarseness and smooth melanin; my face and shoulders are sun-soaked, as water kisses my feet and hands. It is a place of great reflection for me, communing with sky and sea and sand, I can be alone and yet not lonely; the rhythm of nature, my iron band. There is so much movement, melody and no cacophony. But a deeper appreciation permeates. To step into the shallows and swim into the depths, there is no adjustment. And only by stopping and looking around will I realize how far I’ve gone and only physical restraints will stop me from bolstering on. But my mind will go farther than I’ll ever dare, looking at that horizon. Laid back against the mirror, I’ll never see my reflection, just endlessness staring up into a  great abyss. I’d wish to be a mermaid that I may plumb the depths below, but I would need wings to soar much higher than any plane could ever go. And I float as I keep thinking, and the current flows around me. The sea has been called a tempest and she is unpredictable, mysterious, overwhelming. But there’s a lure too and she’s charming, and I am tempted to be more yet feel less when I’m with her. 


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