The Defining Moments

There is nothing you fail by trying.

A question I get asked all too frequently is “What do you do?”. And I’m not sure if it’s more so now than before but perhaps the answer then came so readily because I just never had to think about it. Now however, I do. I confessed to a friend recently that I still hesitate to say that I’m a writer. The reasons made perfect sense to me of course, but my friend looking shocked, asked me why. And of all the explanations I could possibly give, I guess it’s more that it matters now. My days are so haphazard but they are no longer monotonous and for the first time in a very long time, what I do actually feels defining.

Granted, much of what I do is by freelancing and so I’m always looking for added projects. But there’s a freedom for which I am deeply grateful. I‘ve found that the oddest things can spark creativity. And a casual chat with a friend can still lead to a life lesson. I enjoy the serendipity of it all. Perhaps because in many ways I’m reminded of those whom I admire and whose works have become inspiring. J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare..they all weave tales of protagonists introduced to worlds at first seemingly strange but which they all eventually become a part of, if they weren’t a part of already but unknowingly. And the same can be said about the works of many authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lewis Carroll, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, I’ll even bite my tongue and say Stephanie Meyer and E. L. Grey. The point is however, that sometimes it is the very things which are unexpected, the things which at first we reject because they are too strange and too hard and not at all what we imagined; these are the things, the adventures and the journeys which inevitably make us into someone new. Afterwards, we find we can’t necessarily go back to what once was because we no longer belong there nor can we fit into who we used to be.


These are the thoughts behind this frequently asked question. Defining moments. Though, not that I dare fathom any attempt at such bouts of storytelling. But rather, because it feels like my story. And whether or not, I should encounter magic or danger or the perils of uncertainty along the way, I’ll know at the very least, I’m in good company.

xo. Ginny



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