‘Shadowhunters’ – Soundtrack & Season 2

I found this song playing in a graveyard scene in season one of “Shadowhunters”, and maybe I’m a weirdo but I loved it. I guess too that today is a day of sharing, as I’m telling you about yet another one of my faves.

So click play and keep reading. 

“Shadowhunters” is another show, which is absolutely spectacular. It brings Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” world to life in a unique way and makes up for everything we missed when the movie came to the big screen in 2013. No offense to the movie. The new season though starts in January, so Happy New Year to me. – I get excited for good writing sue me- and I love to see my imagination brought to life.

Another reason “Shadowhunters” excels to me is the kick ass soundtrack.  And pairing good music, with stunning visuals..I’m really not sure what more you could want when the plot is already just so good. So anyways, check out the movie, definitely go watch season one so you’ll be ready for season two. And if perhaps, you’re an awful mundane who’s never even heard of the series, then go pick up a book. There’s a prequel series and a spin-off  or two, all built around this world of Nephilim, fairies, vampires, werewolves, demons and mundanes (the ordinary folk). Together, it’s an adventure of the ties which bind, and those that break in a fight on Earth between Heaven and Hell.

I highly rate anyone who aces world-building, and the Shadow World gets pretty intense. So yea, I love Cassie Clare.

Sidenote. I’m not sure how people think Netflix is boring. I could never Netflix and chill because I would really just Netflix. The entire first season of “Shadowhunters” is on Netflix, case in point.

And here are the books.  Reading is fun.

And next season’s promo!  Happy New Year.

“By the Angel.”

xo, Ginny


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