‘The Royals’ Review – Links & Spoilers Inside

Hey loves, so I dunno who’s been watching the amazing show “The Royals” on E! ? But, I love it! Absolutely. It’s in its 3rd season now, which just kicked off last Sunday and it was juiciness. If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a go. I think it’s a right good laugh. But that’s my opinion, hence fact.. 🙂

“The Royals” is a serialized, sexy, scandalous version of the British monarchy, where you never know who’ll be killed, turn up alive, or even just attempt to rob you. It’s good fun and Elizabeth Hurley’s in it too. Alongside the hotness that is William Moseley, Tom Austen and Alexandra Park, it’s a solid 40 mins of bliss. I’ve always had a fondness for British rom coms growing up, and I guess as an adult it’s still a guilty pleasure. And maybe it’ll become yours too.

There’s romance, comedy, tragedy, power plays and poisonings. All’s fair in love and war, especially when the throne of England’s on the line.

You can see my review here on BlastingNews.

And “TheRoyals” are on E! every Sunday, 10/9 central.

Hit me up and let me know what you think. We can be Loyals together. #KingLiam

xo, Ginny


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