Perspectives and Changes

Generally I’m not very untidy. There’s almost always some semblance of order to my disarray. And every once in awhile, I’ll make some changes ..which, are always nice too with Christmas and a new year in the air.  So I redid my room and I am extraordinary pleased with the outcome. I basically had a “why haven’t I done this before” type moment as I took it all in afterwards.

And you know me, I find a lesson in everything.

Why put off for tomorrow the things we can do today, right? So I got it done. It makes a difference in a room as small as mine. And even subtle changes do wonders for perspective.

Sometimes too, you wind up finding the things you cherish and yet didn’t even realize had been missing. 

Which are infinitely better than what you remember but still can’t seem to find.

xo. Ginny


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