Love. Time. Death.

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I’m wide awake at 3 am and there’s everything and nothing to do. The quiet is a blessing. I’m tired but I can’t sleep. Might as well get some work done too.

In my final year of undergrad, I hardly slept at night. My friends and I, we’d stay up all night doing assignments or studying. Just trying to catch up or stay ahead. We’d take a break, and run around campus, hoping the fresh, night air would keep us awake. Sometimes we ended up at the Burger King drive-through. And one night, we started a sing off in said drive-through. I don’t know if the food was taking too long, or maybe we’d had too much of that fresh air, but it was kind of epic. Leaning out of your car window, singing random songs with strangers in the dead of night at a fast food joint? It was great. We were definitely hungry. Sometimes, we packed a pillow and blanket just to be more comfortable. Other times, we took our shoes off and had dance-offs in between breaks. And we got shit done.

My GPA was so good that year. I went to classes selectively. You learn that you’re basically teaching yourself in university anyway. And even after admin tried to screw me (they will change your degree criteria without telling you) and my course load got crazier, I made it. You may not realize it at the time, but life will build your appreciation of why unexpected things happen. Something’s gotta test you right? Something has to teach you the difference between analysis and regurgitation. And it won’t be the lecturer. You learn to adapt or you sink quickly. The consequences of failure are real enough when everything’s on the line. And even though the world’s in darkness, you can still find some illumination. 

xo Ginny


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