Merry Christmas: Seasons of Change



Aside from my birthday, Christmas is the season which I get most excited about. And I don’t think it’s because of the extra delicious food or the presents, but just that no matter what, everyone’s in a good mood. Although recent years have tested this quite a bit for me. Last year in fact, I had the type of flu that made me lose weight, get confined to bed, and rendered me incapable of enjoying food, if by some miracle I had a desire for it at all. The levels to my disgruntlement were riding pretty high. This year, things still aren’t completely as I’d like them, but I’m learning that perhaps that’s what it’s all about. Taking all the bad in stride and still being grateful. Because Christmas by virtue isn’t the number of gifts we give or even receive, it isn’t the drinks or the food, or even decorations. It’s the reality that a time has come when even in our trials and uncertainty, there is still nothing like the spirit of life. Jesus Christ is our reason for the season and he was born in a manger. Our reminder that out of humble origins, greatness may still resonate. And we can find everything even in nothing, should we but seek to find it. This Christmas, we buried one of my uncles. It’s the second time this year that someone close has left us quite suddenly. But if I’ve learnt anything yet, it is that light can be found even in the darkest of times. There will be chaos in it, there will be sadness and there also there will be hope. I think the seasons change to teach us adaptability. The good comes and so does the bad and one prepares us for the other. I finally got our tree up last night, braving vertigo and my better instincts by climbing the banister to string some lights. The thought that this is pointless, the night before Christmas did go through my mind, but in essence all joys are fleeting. It is only our capacity to truly be in a moment that allows it to become a memory. And as the season of Christmas comes and goes, we’ll need its reminders even more.


A very merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best wishes for the New Year.

xo. Ginny



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