The Soul Goals: A New Year’s Resolution Perspective


In lieu of the traditional resolution at this end of year, I wanted to talk about soul goals. And I think we’ve all basically at one point or another, made the resolution to get a better body or job, or home, or car. We’ve resolved to travel more, meet new people, and try new things but has any of the new mattered much, if you were still the same old you? We naturally gauge change by the external, by the addition or subtraction of parts composing our view. So we get the fitness plan, change the job and the people on speed dial, we move away; we tell ourselves we’re doing things differently just because we’re doing different things.

But there is hardly any point to different things if they never bring about a different you.
By the very virtue of our humanity, satisfaction for us is hard to come by. And we could align our discontent with the age of advancement or we could own that the age of advancement is as a result of our discontent. Newer, faster, better, stronger is more than a marketing pitch, it is a mantra we subscribe to on a daily basis. It’s the constant battle of wanting to do more and be more and see more. And frankly to achieve any of these but remain unchanged is in essence to me the same as failing. You will have gained nothing but unnecessary accoutrements to your life. Thus, setting and seeing to the goals for your soul should be your primary mandate. Because the changes you wish to make in life will never mean what they should if YOU remain as you are.

Sometimes too we make changes for the sake of making them. We think we aren’t progressing if a change hasn’t been made, when a change of thought was required rather than a change of thing. The way we think and feel about ourselves and the world must matter more than the things we have in this world. Otherwise, our pursuits will be futile, our resolutions pointless and our discontent will only grow.

No one will ever truly see everything if they only look one way. And if you’re looking out and you hate the view, you will seek to change it but if you never wondered why you hated it, or sought to change the way you looked at it, then eventually you will hate the new view as well.

The changes you wish to effect in life must be more than superficial.
People often begin exercising and eating differently because they need to look a certain way for a certain time. And perhaps they would do better by considering gaining health and not just losing weight, committing to a better quality of life and mindset and not just a fad diet. There are people who switch jobs because they hate their boss, their pay or their work environment. But they don’t consider looking for work that will employ the use of their talents and passions and not misappropriate their time. People move away or seek new relationships too, all to further change. And it isn’t so much that all change isn’t good, but more so that change should be for the right reasons.

Are you seeking someone to love or to just not be lonely? Are you moving away from home for the benefits or the opportunity? And if you’re uncertain of the difference then what you may be uncertain of, is yourself. New address, new job, new body, new boo really equate to nothing if they’re being added to the old you. We think we need to make a change. And if it’s not the kind that people will see then it isn’t worth it. Too many of us make it into adulthood and our reasoning and rationality towards life have never changed. We’re so focused on meeting milestones like degree, career, marriage, kids; we hardly ever consider if we’re even good people.

We want all that life can offer but how many of us have thought about what we could offer life?
I live in a third world country, where people are disgruntled about almost everything. We have a culture of grumbling but doing nothing. We think of how things could be better but not of how we could make them better. And too many of us would rather seek a change outside our country than by looking to make one within. The same principle remains when we seek to make changes about ourselves. And I’d like to change that.

I’d like to change myself before I change my scene.
That is my soul goal. I want to be healthier, I want to do a job that makes me better, I want to be happy where I am. I want to see the new and experience the different and I want all of it to impact me so much that I can’t possibly remain the same. I want to be me. And not by stating who I am but by taking the time and effort of knowing my being. Because if at all I can be of any good where I am, let me be so good. Our goals are important. They are the changes we wish to implement about any number of things. But they should be targeted and purposeful. And in my belief, aimed more within than without.

Best of luck,

xo. Ginny


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