New Year, True Me

So I think this is my first post for the New Year!!! I’m rather tardy then if so. But hey, since the Chinese are celebrating their New Year, we can use today as a good start for beginnings also. And I think it’ll be a monumental year. Probably I’ve just realized finally that life isn’t always about what happens to you, but about the ways that you can happen to it. Because although we may believe in fate and destiny, and I certainly do, more than that however, ultimately life is about choices. For as much as I believe in fate, definitely there’s some free-will too. And very often, that is what determines if what is for you, will actually be for you.

I have lived a passive life already. It makes you a reactor and more of a supporting character to the lead role of what should be your life. It’s easy and it’s safe because all you’re doing is watching and waiting. It’s deceptive too, because if you’re good enough, the audience just might believe that you were made for it and try to keep you there. But you should never be the supporting character in the story that is about you.

The irony perhaps though, is there are some leads who also play the wrong role. They’re the closeted, rigid, stereotypical “bad bitch” and “big boss” and they’re good at it. It’s all they know and people are buying it, but none of its real. Too many people think it’s cooler these days to not care than to have feelings and to not try unless there’s a return for profit. And too many of us are concerned with how we think things should be rather than seeing them as they are.

It’s a real turning point when its the movies, tv-shows and books that hold more truth and transparency than our everyday lives. It’s frightening when evil men can so boldly show their evil but still call it good. And even more, it’s terrible when we leave so much to fate that we forget our free-will to make choices. It’s a new year, it’s awards season and the free world has a new leader. We should be mindful of being true to ourselves in the portrayal of our lead characters, lest we be misrepresented and given up too as alternative facts.






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