Nevertheless, She Persisted

The number of times I change my mind in any day should be downright illegal. Though sometimes a change is necessary, I am truly thankful for the times whereby, I persist. So I am reminded today that it is my bloggaversary (spl?), just in case I was looking for that one time I actually didn’t change my mind. 

It’s been 4 years since I began this blog but actively, I’ve only been writing for two. And I am honestly thankful for every comment and critique you’ve ever sent me; for the people who thought it was stupid, for the family I found along the way and for anyone who’s ever been inspired, all in all, it is because of you that my journey continues today. 

It means something to me now that this medium isn’t just an outlet. That I can offer some semblance of inspiration to anyone who can relate only inspires me further. I’ve had readers for the wrong reasons but mostly I hope I’ve had those for the right. And I’ve been welcomed into a wonderful community, receiving such incredible support, love and insight. 

Hence if at all I can say anything to anyone who wants to write, or just do anything they think they can’t, Nike has the right idea..just do it. Don’t be afraid of your dreams because no one else can achieve them for you. And your opinion might be unpopular, your inspiration could become lost and maybe it’ll be easier to change your mind or just to silence your voice but..without persistence you get no results. 




6 thoughts on “Nevertheless, She Persisted

      • GINNY says:

        Then I just love you. Because it’s what I look for as well. I want to feel like I’m listening/speaking with a friend even if it’s just me and my computer. So I appreciate you so much tonight.


      • bethanyk says:

        ❤️ that is EXACTLY how I feel when I write. I want to be writing to my very best friend who will listen wholeheartedly, unconditionally nonjudgmental and be saying back to me as I write “yes! Exactly! I validate that! I hear you! ” same!

        Liked by 1 person

      • GINNY says:

        Everything. All of that is why I write. To be able to be that voice for myself and anyone else. Thank you so much for identifying. And whoever else you love or don’t today, love you first of all. 😘

        Liked by 1 person

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