June Bees – The State Of Summer

Who’s missed me? Nobody..?

Well alrighty then. I’ve missed you though. Seriously, I’ve missed this. So apologies for my absence. I’ve been readjusting, reidentifying, recalibrating if you will.       

And I’m happy.

Is my life all sorted? Has everything worked out as I wanted/expected/hoped? Not even a little bit. But I’m getting up every day and just feeling extremely grateful. Because God is good although life is unexpected and I’m learning the importance of remaining hopeful even when I feel like I ‘ll be disappointed.

Essentially, I’m looking forward to the summer. Something which given the tropical climate here may seem redundant but for me, I’m looking forward to summer as a state of mind..and of being. A state of freedom, long nights and later mornings; living in my swimwear; constantly moving but at my own pace. Bliss. I’m really looking forward to it.


And copious quantities of sunlight and saltwater, whatever you’re doing, wherever you may go. 




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